Vinçon is to BCN what Colette is to Paris

Vinçon has always been in the heart of design, from its start as a Czech porcelain import firm in the 30th it evolved with the passion of one salesman Jacinto Amat into the establishment that everyone know today.

Owned by the third generation of the Amat family, Vinçon offers today design in all its forms: statement windows, graphic design, architecture not to mention a great exhibition hall “la Sala Vinçon”… and I think I could simply write a blog for each department.

The shop windows are always suprising and suggestive, they are sort of a window to what is going on in Catalonia. Antonia Iglesisas now put on display “El Jamon de la Crisis” he manages with a lot of humor to talk about the very serious crisis going on  in Spain. Equally it is fair to say that the Vinçon bags are part of the iconography of BCN. Mariscal, Pati Nunez or America Sanchez to mention some designers have contributed in turning some of these bags into cult collectables!

For the “Sala Vinçon” a fabulous exhibition is on display: exhibition 281!!! “Figurative office siesta cubicle” by the Catalan designer Marti Guixe. And courtesy of imagekontainer check out this poetic whale. I want one in my living room!!