From GOL to Chupa Chups

As I wrap up this week I thank you all for your support and great comments!

Each month I have decided I would ask the great food illustrator Joel Penkmann (Joey for his buddies) to illustrate something typical of BCN for eatdrinkbcn. She loves food and she loves to paint, perfect match no?

In 1958, the Catalan Enric Bernat invented what would become one of the best selling candy in Spain. The thinking behind the concept was that kids needed a sweet that they could eat with a fork. It was first called GOL for the obvious ballon shaped candy, not catchy enough it was changed to CHUPS and finally with the consumers stepping in it become the name we all recognize today: Chupa Chups!!

In 1969, Salvador Dali integrated the Chupa font into a yellow daisy shape and ever since it has become iconic. So iconic in fact that even the residential artist condominium build by Julian Schnabel in NYC where named Palazzo Chupi…

Fed up with the flavors? You can always suggest new ones on their site