Circulo Ecuestre

I can’t make up my mind about this one… while I love animals, I also love tradition and god knows how much bullfighting is anchored in the spanish one. Even tough that chapter is in the past, Barcelona still has fantastic old clubs to discuss the matter…

The Circulo Equestre was founded in 1856 when a group of illustrious gentlemen of Barcelona, all horse riding aficionados, decided to set up a private club the share their common interest. Today, the Ciculo is situated in the fabulous “Casa Pérez Samanilla” palace.

If you manage to get in for diner, for a cocktail or for one of the many conferences that go on every year, you will really be transported back in time and experience the spirit of Catalonia.

One of my favorite details at the circulo is probably this 1913 poster….it’s a marvel.