“tremendous things are in store for you”

While most default to Belgium or Switzerland when thinking “chocolate”, BCN puts these classical chocolatiers to shame (or almost, and I know, I am Swiss…). Spain being the first country to experience cacao upon arrival from the new world, as well as having the inventor of the first chocolate making machine in 1780, BCN has a deep rooted history in chocolate.

Anyway, when you mixe love, passion, an architect and a belgian wife, you get a great chocolate factory. Started a few years ago the factory now has many shops around the world and a fine factory outside of BCN.

Michel Lalin usually named “the Doberman” is the fine “maître chocolatier” behind the factory. And thanx to Ruiz+compagny for the identity: it all comes together perfectly.

Difficult to pick a picture for this post but I will let you see, taste, feel it for yourself!