Filling the gap!

Penique Productions is a barcelona based art collective made up of Sergi Arbusà, Pablo Baqué, Chamo San, Pol Clusella. Their work consists of monochrome temporary inflatable installations that have a Christo feel to… Continue reading

Tentaciones Monacales – funky slow food

Talk of slow food! I mean I don’t think this get’s any slower. Everyone who is anyone in the monacale life of Spain makes bake goods for Caelum, it’s just like Caelum’s (in… Continue reading

Circulo Ecuestre

I can’t make up my mind about this one… while I love animals, I also love tradition and god knows how much bullfighting is anchored in the spanish one. Even tough that chapter… Continue reading

Les Gens que j’aime

A very typical stop for anyone who want to have their palm read by a gipsy while drinking a cocktail. The rumor has it that many men would bring their mistresses and depending… Continue reading

Violeta e Federico

Even if in the recent years Spain has passed from very large families to the lowest birth per couple in Europe, it still remains one of the best place to shop for children’s… Continue reading

F is for…

Farga! This is the typical spanish stop for a coffee and boquadilo. You step in, take your plate and simply pick their choices of delicious sandwiches. My favorite is the Barrette Pernil Iberic.… Continue reading

Never mind the light bulb – la tienda de Jordi Subira

Not much is known about the origins of candle-making, however we do know that the 18th century saw major changes with new wax and new methods. during that time, Subira Cereria was born.… Continue reading

“tremendous things are in store for you”

While most default to Belgium or Switzerland when thinking “chocolate”, BCN puts these classical chocolatiers to shame (or almost, and I know, I am Swiss…). Spain being the first country to experience cacao… Continue reading